Saturday, April 3, 2010


i look at the space before me with a passionate desire to fill it with something meaningful.

A poet may see a metaphor in this, an artist may have found a kindred spirit.

The voice that speaks to me from within whispers, "What is wrong with what's already there?"

i breathe in the stillness.


  1. That's wonderful. Sometimes I wonder if, as a writer, I should be doing this more often - just accepting things as they are instead of how they should be interpreted or changed. :)

  2. ahhmazing words!

    I just read a book which talked about how we came into this world and accepted our name (given to us by someone else), our surname, the family into which we were born and similarly how essential it is for us to accept the happiness, sorrow, life that comes our way.


  3. Thank you, I'm happy people are enjoying my blog.

    Lady Glamis, I understand how you feel. Perhaps as a writer you have a responsibility to accept things the way they are and a duty to share how they came to be.

    What book is that, Persis? Sounds like it could offer some interesting perspective.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Beautiful photos here. But where are the baby ones? :)

  5. I used to look at sheets of paper that way. Now it's my empty computer screen. What's wrong with what's already there? Probably nothing. But I think creatives have the urge to fill it with something they long to share.