Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The sun died quietly
While the tethers and chains
Forced our eyes to look east-
Those of us that could see at all.

Not one among us cried,
Outside of our own suffering,
For the loss of the light
That went out in the world.

A promise was made
That the sun would return,
But still we turned to the darkness
Begging for our freedom.

Then came day,
The sun was reborn,
Our faithlessness exposed,
Our freedom denied.


  1. Love the picture and love the poem!

  2. Welcome to blogging and thank you for visiting my site. You write beautiful poetry and the pictures are awesome! Are they songs?

  3. Thank you Alyssa, it was a beautiful experience to write it.

    Thank you Terri.I guess they could be made into songs. I'll have to play with that.

  4. Do you take all the pictures you post? I love them - - great imagery to match your poems.

  5. Thanks Ben, I also love them. Yes I take the photos.

  6. I came over to see who had left a comment on my blog and I must say, visiting yours is like breathing fresh air. I will be back. Thanks for the inspiration and for a glimpse into your life.

  7. Your photography is lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm a photographer and a poet, and I really look forward to visiting your blog more. :)

  8. Steve, I am amazed by your pictures. I thank God for leading me to your blog. Poems are wonderful. Everything... STUNNING! You're inspiring me to be a better photographer.

  9. Thank you, it's a pleasure to meet such nice people.