Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Tale of Two Brothers

Once upon a time, two brothers found their way,

Into the woods, one fine spring day.

They skipped and they jumped, they ran and they climbed,

Excited about all the wonderful things they would find.

Chipmunks and squirrels scampered in and out,

To see what all the noise was about.

And birds flew out from their hiding places,

To sing their songs for the smiling faces.

"Look! We have new friends!" the eldest had spoke,

He stared in awe at the forest folk.

He then ran ahead with a noble thought,

"Let's feed them," he said, "let's share what we've got."

They climbed into trees, but frightened the birds,

They chased after the chipmunks saying soft, kindly words.

"This isn't working at all," the younger one said,

"What if we let them come to us instead?"

"Good thinking," said his brother, "we'll stay perfectly still,"

"They'll come to us then, they'll see our good will!"

The birds sang a song for the words he had stated,

And the boys filled their hands with seed, and just waited...

...And waited...

...And waited...

"They're not starving today," big brother pointed out,

"My arm's getting sore; I'm beginning to doubt."

"Let's be patient," said the youngest, "Like Mom always says,"

"Good things always come, if we're patient that is."

With that came a flutter of wings from above,

Wings that agreed with what the children spoke of,

Then the birds came down from the trees to feed,

From the hands of the brothers that were holding the seed.

The brothers were very proud of themselves that day,

And wanted that feeling of joy to stay,

So they promised each other they would always be kind,

And try to keep this lesson of patience in mind.


  1. the story was fine, the pictures were awesome. I wish I was there on that day.

  2. I love the story and I love you.


  3. Hi Steve! I enjoyed this entry so much! I love the way you processed your pictures! How did you do this? This IS amazing! Thank you for visiting Still Impressions! You're welcome to come by anytime! God Bless!